WebSharper 3.0.15-alpha released
on 1/29/2015 8:58 AM

Here comes another release of WebSharper 3.0 alpha! This release focuses on small fixes and improvements, as well as a couple new proxies for useful classes such as System.Random and System.Guid.



  • WIG: The (?) operator for naming a method argument now properly overrides the JavaScript field access operator. This means that you can now open IntelliFactory.WebSharper.JavaScript in a WIG project, provided that you do it before open IntelliFactory.WebSharper.InterfaceGenerator.
  • Added xml documentation for attributes and sitelets.
  • Added Sitelets.UserSession.LoginPersistent to create login sessions that persist beyond the current browser session.
  • Added client-side Remoting.UseHttps() which forces all RPC calls to use HTTPS.

New proxies:

The following classes and methods can now be used from the client side.

  • System.Random
  • System.Guid
  • System.String.TrimStart/End


  • Fix : Sitelet.Protect login redirect now uses RedirectTemporary instead of Redirect.
  • Fix : Compile-time error when a project's Name and AssemblyName are different.
  • Fix : Fields for primary constructor arguments shadow inherited ones
  • Fix : Add Console.Log overload with a single argument

Future plans

We have two final major changes to push for WebSharper 3.0, which affect the typing conventions for tupled and multiple argument functions () and the interface generator API. Our current plan is to have another alpha release for this (and other, smaller changes), and ideally to release the first stable version of WebSharper 3.0 before the end of February.

Happy coding!

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